Analytics & Performance Improvement

Achieving through Analyzing

Websites and businesses in general, generate massive data about various critical aspects of the business, market, economic conditions etc. How well you are able to make sense out of the data will decide the level of your business efficiency and success. Dynamic 180’s expert analysts help you translate the endless numbers, graphs and charts into meaningful, practical information. This enables you to use the information for improving your business and achieving our objectives.

Web Analytics for Optimizing the Web

If your business relies on the web, your success relies on your ability to understand the web. Our web analytics comprise various tools, techniques and methodologies that enable you to make the most of the web. For example, the analytics will deliver the following information about your website:

  • Click (when a user clicks a hyperlink to go from one page to another)
  • Hits (request for files)
  • Page views 
  • Visits / Sessions 
  • First Visits / First Sessions
  • Visitors / Users
  • Unique Visitors / Unique Users 
  • Repeat Visitors
  • New Visitors
  • Impression (# of times a banner shows up for the user)
  • Singletons (Single-page visits)
  • Bounce Rate (a bounce is when a visitor exits the site after a singleton)
  • Session Duration
  • Page View Duration / Time on Page
  • Active Time / Engagement Time
  • Page Depth (Page Views per Session)
  • Frequency (Session per Unique Visitor/User)

Armed with this crucial information, you can analyze the data and see exactly how you can improve your website/online business. We help you understand the implications of each of the key terms listed above so you can make the smartest, most successful decisions for improvement.

Know what your Target Market is doing to Know your Success

Once you understand the behavior of your clients/customers, you will know what adjustment will boost conversion and sales. Dynamic 180’s analysts work dedicatedly and intelligently to put the most practical and useful information on your table so you can improve your business.

  • Analytics Tracking
  • Goal Defining
  • Click-thru Analysis
  • Testing
  • Reporting
Focus on Your Main Business

Since our capable analysts do the diligence on the analytics, you don’t have to get bogged down with the intricacies of doing the same. By using the information our analytics generates, you can focus your time and energy towards improving your business and accomplishing your goals.